What Documents Do I Need to Bring My Spouse to Uk

There are many types of documents that you can use to apply for a spousal visa. Proving that your relationship is authentic is subjective and depends on how you live together and communicate with each other. Therefore, there is no limit to the evidence you can submit to prove it. For applicants applying to enter the UK, to further prove that the relationship is genuine and existing, you must also provide documents proving contact between you, e.B emails, chat logs, proof of travel to see each other, etc. To be eligible, your home will need enough rooms to accommodate the couple and all family members. However, each person needs a single room: the legal requirements for a spouse visa are listed in a section of the immigration rules known as Annex FM. We cover financial needs separately below (its complexity deserves its own section!). It is also possible to send your documents to an address in the UK. Normally, you should be informed if this service is available once you have submitted your application online. It costs an extra £75. In summary, the following documents are required when you submit the spouse visa application: We recommend that you consult a professional immigration lawyer for more information. While you may be exempt from reaching the current income limit, you will need to prove that you have enough money to support your spouse/partner and/or any dependents. My son (a British citizen) will be getting married to his Brazilian fiancée next February in Brazil.

If he is married, his wife applies for a visa for the British spouse. Can you tell me if/if she gets a visa, how long she needs to book a flight to the UK? Our immigration team at Truth Legal is highly experienced in assisting individuals in applying for their spouse or partner visa. We pride ourselves on providing ethical and honest service to all our customers. We are based in Harrogate and have offices in York, Manchester and London. In some cases, you may need to provide an immigration report to prove that you meet the accommodation requirement. Depending on your situation, you may also need to provide a letter from your landlord or the owner of the property you will be living on. If your partner does not arrive in the UK within the 30-day period, they will need to apply for an additional 30-day entry permit. You have to pay a fee for this. It is also usually possible for the foreign applicant to attend their biometric appointment and scan their documents at the centre for an additional fee of around £60.

However, our experience with this is negative. There are different types of documents you can use to prove this, and it depends on the type of relationship you have and what works for you. For example, if you frequently make Skype calls with your partner, proof of this could work in your favor. Similarly, if you`ve attended many events together, the tickets that show it would work well to support your claim. Examples of documents you can use: If you have lived with your spouse in another European country outside the UK, you may also be eligible via the Surinder Singh road and not a traditional permit. When you get any of these benefits, all you have to do is show that you`re getting enough money to take care of your loved ones – this is called a „proper interview.” The amount it will take depends on your personal situation. You will need at least £120 per week after paying for your accommodation. If you have children, you need more than that. United States, Canadians, Australians, New Zealand and other „visa-free nationals” beware! Yes, you can enter the UK without a visa.

However, if you do, you are technically still in the UK as a „visitor” and therefore cannot switch to the spouse category. Instead, you will need to apply outside the UK. If your spouse visa application has been refused, if you still want to come to the UK, you have two options. You can either appeal the rejection to the first-level immigration court in the UK or file a new and improved application for a spousal visa. You do not have to meet the financial requirements if you have refugee status or humanitarian protection. You can apply for an extension of an additional 30 months, which can take up to five years of your total time in the UK with this visa. Currently, you can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit (ILR), provided you are still married and live with your spouse in the UK and continue to meet the support requirements. After obtaining the ILR, you may be able to apply for naturalisation as a British citizen. The UK spouse visa is a type of family visa used by non-EEA citizens who wish to reunite with their UK spouse in the UK.

If you have a dependent child, you will need an income of £22,400 before tax to cover your financial needs. For all other children, the sponsor will need an additional £2,400 for each subsequent child. We have experienced staff from local visa centers who provide immigration advice if they are not qualified in any way. They are often wrongly advised about what should and should not be submitted. We have also had cases where employees have not scanned all the documents. We are now avoiding this option. For the accommodation requirement, the documents to be submitted depend on whether the property is owned, rented, etc. Thus, the relevant documents could be a copy of the lease, a letter from the owner, a land registry title, etc. Your claim is sometimes referred to as a „settlement” claim. Confusingly, „settlement” is a term that specifically means „permanent residence permit.” However, spousal visas are also called „settlement,” although you may want to apply for a 33-month temporary visa first or extend and apply for a 30-month visa. If you applied from outside the UK, you should eventually receive a notification that a decision has been made. You will need to go to the Visa Application Centre to pick up your decision and passport.

To apply for a spousal visa, the applicant`s partner must already be a UK citizen or resident in the UK (by permanent residence permit (ILR), permanent resident status or permanent residence). Alternatively, if the applicant applies as an unmarried partner, they must prove that they and their unmarried British partner have been living together for at least two years. This evidence includes documents such as a joint bank account, joint lease or joint mortgage. When you complete your application form, you will receive a checklist of the documents you must provide. This checklist can be misleading because it is not necessarily tailored to your specific needs. Always make sure that sufficient evidence is provided to meet all the requirements of the rules. Your sponsorship letter should include documents to back up everything you say, including: Making sure you have all the right documents to support your UK spouse visa application can help ensure its success and avoid delays. Proceed to Part D if your spousal visa has been denied and you need to decide what to do next, including whether you want to file an appeal or reapply. You will need to provide details about your children (and your partner`s children, if you have one). They are asked about all children, even if they do not apply.

You may not be surprised to read about a law firm that covers its own back by issuing a disclaimer in a legal guide. But you need to be very careful about how you use the information contained here. It is best that they do not leave the UK until you have married or entered into a civil partnership. If they leave and return, they must obtain a new entry permit, and there is always a chance that it will be rejected. In Part A, we will go over some preliminary remarks that you should take into account, such as. B why spousal visas are so stressful and whether you have to apply from inside or outside the UK. If you are applying for an extension of your leave after you have already received a spousal visa, you must provide proof of cohabitation since your previous leave was granted. If there are times when you have not lived together, you must „prove a good reason for doing so that is consistent with the continued intention to live together permanently in the UK permanently”. The spousal relationship is the most common type of partnership we see in these applications, so from now on we will simply refer to a „spouse visa” to facilitate referral. However, our advice in this guide is for anyone who meets the Ministry of the Interior`s definition of a „partner”.