What Is a Hubspot Form Submission

The name or title of the page on which the submission took place. There are some restrictions on contact records and form submissions that can affect your tests. Please refer to the list of contact and form limits. The Forms API should not be used to bulk import contacts or update contact properties. Instead, use the contact stack update for bulk imports. Misuse of the Forms API causes abusive form submissions to be ignored until the behavior changes. The form type specifies its purpose and is set to hubspot by default. You can use the following values for your formType: Use a HubSpot form to collect lead information about your visitors and contacts. You can use the endpoints described here to set up new forms or to get details about the forms you created earlier.

If you want to submit form submission data, you can use the Send Data to a Form Endpoint file instead. A list of the names and values of the form fields for these fields. Each list entry is an object that contains the objectTypeId:{field object}, „name”:{field name}, and „value”:{field value} sets. Only contact, company, and custom properties can be used with this API, learn more about objectTypeId values and custom objects. The name of each field must match the property name of the Properties [Object] API. Field values must match the format used with the same API. For more information, see the sample request data. We recommend that you create a single form in HubSpot that runs alongside your custom website form. This will make it easier to track submissions on that particular custom form in the future. This endpoint has a throughput limit of 50 requests per 10 seconds. The primary method of the Forms API is the submission form method, which allows you to pass all the information collected about your website or app, including custom data, to HubSpot.

This endpoint doesn`t require authentication, so you can call a form to our API without having to worry about security. If the form was created with the GDPR notice enabled, the details of those reviews must be included in the form`s submission data. Depending on the option you are using, you must include one of the following fields: Each form contains the following data. For more information about the types of contact properties that can be used and the form fields to which they refer, see Creating a Form and Contact Properties API Overview. Much of HubSpot`s marketing methodology revolves around the idea of drawing leads on a website with engaging content, capturing their information for ongoing maintenance, and (ideally) making them a paying customer. This information about prospects is collected through forms. A millisecond timestamp that represents the time the form was sent. This can be used to backdate the submission, but using a period prior to one month will result in an error. NOTE: This field can only be used to backdate a submission and only for a date of up to one month in the past. If you want the submission to use the current time, you must omit this field from the request. If the form is used for an account with the Salesforce HubSpot integration, you can specify a Salesforce campaign ID to add the contact to the specified campaign.

This endpoint is used to send form submission data to HubSpot, including those that use AJAX. Form submissions from external sources can be submitted to any registered HubSpot form. You can view a list of forms in your account by going to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms. If for some reason you need a custom form submitted by the user, the Forms API provides the control you need. The right candidates would be forms that perform calculations or have custom elements. Note that when using the Forms API, accessibility and validation are your responsibility. Note: This optional parameter is deprecated. Whether or not to skip validation based on form parameters. The default value is false. Use cases for this API: Although HubSpot has a native forms tool, it makes more sense for some customers to create forms natively on their website or app and then submit those form submissions to HubSpot through the API. If you want to learn more about the HubSpot forms tool, you can try it in a test account or read the form`s User Guide. This API is currently in beta.

For the latest stable version, see this page For each of these fields would require the data described below. Please note that all text fields must contain the text displayed to the visitor. Email subscription type IDs can be retrieved from the mail API. . Each entry contains a message value that describes the specific error in detail and an encoded errorType. If you have any questions about the Forms API, check out our developer forum, which has already answered many frequently asked questions. .