What Is the Iatse Basic Agreement

(10) Where, after 31 January 1976, the producer concludes a contract with an `independent producer` for the production and financing of a cinematographic work and its distribution by the producer or for the provision of all employees covered by this Agreement to be employed in such a cinematographic work (this contract is hereinafter referred to as the `independent contract`), the producer enters into such an independent contract with an agreement entered into by an agreement of the independent producer, which expressly benefits the film industry for the benefit of pension and health plans, that the independent producer shall pay, on behalf of the producer, in the manner provided herein, the amounts that may be due in respect of that film in accordance with the provisions of this Article XIX. If such an agreement is not included in an independent contract concluded by the independent producer prior to the screening of the film on free television, the producer shall be responsible for the payments that may be made in accordance with the provisions of this Article XIX in respect of that film. If such an agreement is included in the independent contract by the independent producer prior to the screening of the film on free television, the producer shall not be liable in any way or to any extent with respect to the film in accordance with the provisions of this Article XIX. The producer will inform the pension and health plans of the film industry of all these independent contracts that he has entered into. Producers involved in the complaint. By agreement between ampTP, the manufacturer concerned and IATSE, the decision of the Committee shall be final and binding on the manufacturer concerned and IATSE. If the Committee does not reach a solution, IATSE shall have the right to submit the dispute to a final and binding due process of arbitration in accordance with Article XXXII(b). the time limits for the examination of the Producer`s books and records to the extent that they relate to the gross and, in respect of any Film for which the Producer, as Buyer, assumes the obligation to pay percentage payments in accordance with paragraph (b) (8), the documents reflecting or making the purchase; provided that, in respect of the latter documents, the manufacturer may require the persons examining them to take appropriate measures to preserve their confidentiality. The producer is not required to provide a quarterly return for the film until he receives the gross from a producer in relation to the film, or during a quarterly period during which no gross from the producer of the film is received by the producer. IATSE, its officers, agents and members shall in no event be liable for strikes, slowdowns, work stoppages or other forms of action resulting in the cessation, interruption or delay of work or production, unless such action is officially authorized by IATSE, nor shall IATSE be liable for any unauthorized actions or activities of its officers. Agents or members. IATSE agrees that upon receipt of notification from manufacturers of such actions or activities, it will immediately inform its members that such actions or activities are not authorized by IATSE and that it will do its best to request the cessation, cessation or delay of the work or production.

payments to the pension and health plans of the film industry, which are then due and payable under this Agreement; provided, however, that nothing in this document prevents the hypothecary creditor, the lien creditor, the holder of the lien or security right who has acquired ownership of the film from subsequently selling the film to a third party free and free from restrictions or obligations of any kind. Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, (i) the rights of the film industry pension and health plans are subject to the rights of such hypothecary creditor, lien creditor, secured creditor or security holder; or (a) the manufacturers repeatedly agree that each individual employee hired by the producer to provide services in Los Angeles County or by the producer in Los Angeles County to provide services outside of los Angeles County in the trades and labor classifications described in Sections III and IV will be and will remain a respected member of IATSE and the Coast Studio Premises. west concerned. after the thirtieth day following the first day of employment or the date of entry into force of such agreements between the producers and the various trade unions, whichever is later. The above conditions for membership in a trade union as a condition of employment are subject to the legal obligations of the parties. The International Alliance of Theatre Stage Employees (IATSE) and the studios have agreed to a new three-year preliminary agreement on standards for the film and television sectors, following a provisional agreement on 16 October for workers covered by the union`s basic agreement, which prevented a major strike. The union, which represents the vast majority of Hollywood artisans, announced the deal Saturday night, preventing a strike that would have paralyzed the film and television industry from coast to coast to coast. But the deal was hostile to members, at least online, and tempers remained hot on Tuesday.

(3) The Parties acknowledge and agree that no payment for additional contracts will be due for the publication in supplementary markets of primarily animated films that do not meet the definition of „feature film primarily an animated feature film” in paragraph (f) (1). . . .